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Fanta Orange

Fanta Orange

Fanta Orange convinces especially young people and all those who are young at heart with its tingling and tropical taste. That’s why the super fruity soft drink should not be missing at any party, barbecue or relaxing hours with friends and family. The fruity, fresh thirst quencher in handy cans is a must for every Fanta fan and thanks to its practical size it is very suitable for on the go. Fanta is best enjoyed chilled!

Ingredients / Ingredients

Ingredients: water, sugar, orange juice from orange juice concentrate, carbonic acid, peach juice from peach juice concentrate, apple juice from apple juice concentrate, acidifier citric acid, coloring food (concentrate from carrot and safflower), acidifier malic acid, passion fruit juice, natural flavoring juice from passion fruit juice concentrate , Stabilizers (E 414, E 445 and E 412). Contains phenylalanine.

Fanta oeange Live more colorful. The Fanta orange accompanies every life situation in a sparkling, refreshing way and is now even more fun!
Incredibly exotic: thanks to the intense fruity taste, the sparkling fresh Fanta orange convinces fans all over the world