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Macademia Nuts

Macademia Nuts

Nutritional value: Protein, dozens of important amino acid, vitamin B1, B2, B6, vitamin E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc.

Character: Rich Nutrition, sweet crisp delicious, unique flavor, has been described as the world’s top edible nuts.

Functions: Effectively lowers blood pressure; Anti-diabetes & cancer; Prevents rheumatoid arthritis; Radiation protection; Anti-aging.

Class: AAA High-class

Packing: 10kg/Carton or as you wish

Storage: In cool and dry place

Specifications for our macadamia nuts

Moisture 13% (max)

Foreign matter 0.5% (max)

Black and Broken 5% (max)

On sieve screen 13.9% (max)

Nutritional Composition:

80% fat, 9.2%

protein, 7.9 %

sugar, 6.4% fiber