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Pampers Wipes Perfume Free

Pampers Wipes Perfume Free

Pampers Wipes Perfume Free-

Take care of your baby’s sensitive skin with the tried and tested protection of Pampers wet wipes. The unique components of Pampers wet wipes balance the pH value of the skin in order to preserve the natural protective acid layer of the skin and to prevent skin irritation. The Pampers Sensitive Wet Wipes were specially developed for the needs of sensitive baby skin and therefore contain neither perfume nor alcohol. Pampers Sensitive Wet Wipes are dermatologically tested and suitable from the 1st day of life


Gentle cleaning with the tried and tested skin protection from Pampers
The unique ingredients balance the pH value and prevent irritation of the sensitive baby skin
The alcohol-free and fragrance-free wet wipes have been clinically tested to be gentler than washcloths and water
Dermatologically tested and suitable from the 1st day of life
With a practical closure
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WaterWipes The worlds purest Facial Wipes made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit extract & dead sea minerals

576 Total Wipes in 8X or 9X Refill Packs

  • The No.1 Choice of Hospitals (based on hospital sales data)
  • The #1 Sensitive Wipe (based on U.S./Canada “Sensitive” nationally branded sales)
  • Clinically Proven Mild
  • Dermatologist tested, Perfume free, Hypoallergenic
  • Helps restore pH of the skin
  • Zero percentage of Paraben, Alcohol, perfume and phenoxyethanol in this sensitive water based wipe